CONTALEN - PE granulate - CONTALEN - PE regranulate

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Produced by a leading manufacturer of PE regranulates manufactured from household-generated waste in Poland.

We value quality and environment
The company introduced the Integrated Management System pursuant to ISO 9001 and has kept it since then. We have also been in hold of the Manufacturing Quality Control certificate since 2011, confirming that we have met the standarised requirements as regards to our products.

Dynamic development through high investments and related production growth allowed our enterprise to become successful on both domestic and foreign markets.

50% of our sales is exported to 19 countries all over the world, e.g. Germany, Denmark, Holland, Great Britain, France.

We sell all around the world.
The whole range of our regranulate products is successfully sold to other manufacturers within the market.

Monthly production capabilities of the plant is 2500 tons, and ultimately in 2019 it will be 3500 tons.
Conkret Z.R. Trejderowscy Sp.J.
Wielkie Rychnowo 86A
87-410 Kowalewo Pomorskie

(c) Conkret Z.R. Trejderowscy Sp.J.- 2019
 Headquarters: +48 505 096 457
 Germany:  +49 176 686 160 29
            Infolinia: +48 606 666 111
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