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regranulat contalen


is the leader of circular economy

About us


brand was established in 2010 and it is a part of a family-owned company Conkret Z. R. Trejderowscy Sp. J. with 30 years of history.

Zbigniew Trejderowski is the founder and president of the company. With passion and commitment we have recycled plastics – LDPE sheet waste – for many years. This process allows us to produce polyethylene regranulate – top-quality low-density polyethylene.


We make every effort so that our goods meet safety standards and all expectations of our clients. In connection with this fact, we are responsible for the entire technological process. Starting from purchase of waste – secondary raw materials, through their transport, segregation, granulation, product manufacturing, up to final quality control in our laboratory.

of plastic recycled every day,

80 tonnes

of plastic recycled every day,

30 thousand tonnes

of regranulate every year,
of foil / sheet every year.

30 thousand tonnes

of foil / sheet every year.

Each stage of both processing and production processes is monitored and supervised by the qualified specialist personnel.

We continuously strive at improvement of the Integrated Management System, implemented in 2004. We do so in conformity with the requirements of the standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, allowing for production and sale of goods, characterised with repeatable and guaranteed quality. At the same time, we pursue a strategy of minimising negative impact of pursued activity on the environment. An important element of this system is Factory Production Control, owing to which we ensure its repeatability and obtaining product features in conformity with technical arrangements.

CSR actions in long-term strategy of Contalen brand

Systematic improvement of employee’s competence is very important for us. That is why, we try to improve their qualifications by means of specialist trainings organised by external entities.

By means of a strategy worked out through the years of experiences and owing to the top quality of products, we continuously strengthen our position in the market. We become the unquestionable leader in our line of business. Dynamic growth, substantial investment expenditure and related production growth were decisive for the success of our enterprise in the global market.

Contalen, as the leading brand in plastic processing, is also an animator and strategic sponsor of numerous events: cultural, sport and educational ones. We also try to support on a regular basis such promising social initiatives, whose effects mean better life for all of us