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Circular Economy means rational consumption of raw materials


Production of our Contalen regranulate fits squarely into the concept of Circular Economy, aimed at reasonable consumption of raw materials and limitation of negative impact on the environment. Owing to the fact that we process sheet waste materials, they are ready for re-use.

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Will oceans be the scene of ecological disaster in 2050?

Permanent mining of fossil fuels, of which we are running out, is aimed at the manufacture of plastic products from them. After single use, most of these products end their service life in waste dump or waste combustion plant. Moreover, as much as 8 million tonnes of plastics penetrate oceans every year – this number is growing. Unless we make some serious changes, there will have been more tonnes of plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050.

Only 14 percent of plastic packagings in circulation are recycled. As a result, the economy loses the equivalent of USD 80 – 120 billion every year, and what is even worse, we continuously increase carbon dioxide emission to the atmosphere.

It is erroneously assumed that ban on use of plastics and their replacement with other materials, such as glass, paper or aluminium will solve the problem. Replacement of plastics with other materials can lead to numerous, negative and unplanned consequences, such as increased carbon dioxide emission, increased consumption of water and wasting food. We must switch to recycling, which is an inseparable component of circular economy.


ACP technology

includes granulates from selective waste collection


Our ACP technology is panacea for the above mentioned environmental problems. It is supported by 30 years of experience in recycling and the result of many years of work in R&D.

Owing to the application of ACP technology, we obtained an innovative product in the form of PE regranulate, made of polyethylene waste materials from selective waste collection. The production capacity of our enterprise was increased by 80%, and every day we recycle 100 tonnes of plastic waste. Parameters of the obtained Contalen regranulate are close to the original raw material, but they substantially exceed the properties of regranulate produced with traditional methods.

‘We cannot eliminate plastic – it is too superior material. Recycling is the shortest way to achieve sustainable development.’



Sustainable development

as an alternative to unlimited extraction

Our product is used for production of specialist polyethylene sheeting. At the same time, it is a sustainable alternative for raw materials from fossil fuels.
The company focuses on harmonious and systematic development of its activity, and our comprehensive offer allows for solving the problem of environmental pollution. All this due to the fact that the team designs effective solutions with recycling in mind. Sustainable development means the acceptance of responsibility for us. That is why Contalen brand is led in conformity with the idea of social sustainability of business.